LHCC Dress Code


Members and their guests are expected to dress in a fashion befitting the surroundings and atmosphere provided in a private upscale country club setting.
  • Footwear is required at all times.
  • General guidelines for acceptable attire in dining areas exclude tube/crop tops, muscle shirts,  fishnet tops, tops which expose bare midriffs, tee shirts with explicit, offensive or suggestive display, pajamas, sweat pants, swimming cover ups, cut-offs or frayed shorts and cargo pants or shorts.  Men must wear their pants at the waist. Any apparel that is ripped, torn or soiled is not acceptable.
  • Exercise, workout, swimming and tennis attire are considered unacceptable attire for dining areas of the Clubhouse(s) and should be worn only in designated areas.
  • Exposed undergarments are not considered acceptable dress for Lake Hickory Country Club.
  • Children, thirteen (13) and over, are expected to conform to this Dress Code.  Children under the age of 13 should have neat, appropriate attire.
  • For special occasions, management may choose to modify the Dress Code.
Town Course & Catawba Springs Golf Courses

Members and their guests must adhere to the Dress Code on the golf course and the range.  Dress Code also applies to junior golfers.
  • Collared shirts (mock turtle necks must have a 1 ½” band).
  • No tank tops or t-shirts.
  • No jeans including denim shorts or skirts.· No cut off shorts.
**Please be sure to inform your guests of dress code requirements.

Elisha Brown’s
  • Gentlemen may wear shirt and slacks; suit jackets or blazers are not required.
  • Shirts may include turtlenecks, mock tees or camp shirts with a tailored bottom hem.
  • Ladies are required to wear smart, casual attire.
  • Denim is not allowed in Elisha Brown’s.
Duffy’s Tavern
  • Gentlemen may wear shirts, slacks, shorts or appropriate golf attire. Please remove hats/caps/visors before being seated in the dining area; those are permitted in bar/lounge area.
  • Ladies are required to wear smart, casual attire.
  • Denim is allowed in Duffy’s.  However, denim wear with holes and tears will not be allowed in this area of the Clubhouse.
Catawba Springs
  • Gentlemen and ladies may wear appropriate golf apparel as approved by the LHCC Board of Directors.
  • Gentlemen should remove their hats/caps/visors before being seated in the dining area.
  • Denim is allowed at Catawba Springs in the dining room only; please note, denim of any type is not allowed on the golf course.  However, denim wear with holes or tears will not be allowed in the Clubhouse.